It’s May Day!

After some very bizarre weather for our area, including a late deep freeze that nearly killed the flowering trees, we are back to spring! Spring means getting ready for monarch season. We have already seen several swallowtails, but won’t see any monarchs for months, giving us plenty of time to plan.

This year, I’ve planted two extra flower beds with annual seeds. I covered the bigger one with netting to keep the many squirrels and birds from grabbing the seeds until they were up. I now hav3e some with their first set of true leaves, so the netting has been removed. I put in my hairy balls milkweed after the last chance of front was official. Mother Nature didn’t agree and gave us one more frost, but everything seems okay. It’s been a couple of weeks but the milkweed is coming up.

I wanted lots of color this year so I planted, multiple varieties of zinnias, two varieties of sunflowers, two of marigolds, bachelor buttons, cosmos, cleome, four o’clocks, coreopsis, asters and gazania. Other than that, we will have no flowers. There are also a few bedding plants thrown into the yard, but they’re in other places.

So now we water and wait. With any luck things will soon be blooming all over and I’ll have some new pics to post!

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