So here we are, the first week of October and I’m still waiting for all of our chrysalides to pop and the butters to be on their way to Mexico. These end of season eclosers always seem to take so much longer than their earlier counterparts. And it always seems like there’s one particularly stubborn caterpillar that refuses to progress until he knows which college he’s going to. I have one little dude, still a 3rd instar for about 10 days now. He’s been up on the top of the enclosure for at least 3 days. He’s not doing anything, he’s just chillin’. I’ve tried tempting him with fresh, crunchy milkweed, but he won’t come down and finish growing. He just wants to sit there amid the chrysalids and newly eclosed butters, contemplating his future. A few years ago, I actually had one do this for over two weeks before he came down and finished his metamorphosis. I guess I’ll just go over and discuss it with him a few more times until he makes up his mind. Caterpillars……

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